Vijay Karunamurthy, Field CTO at Scale AI, joins CTO Confessions to discuss his career in AI and the future of generative models. Vijay shares lessons from early neural network research and his time at YouTube, where he helped build recommendation systems. He explains his role translating customer needs to product roadmaps and ensuring ethical, transparent AI development.  

The conversation explores AI’s potential to enhance understanding of complex issues through multimodal interfaces. Vijay offers advice on entrepreneurship and gaining new perspectives through direct conversations. 


“AI will change the world, but not so much the fundamentals that shape how software development is done.

Vijay Karunamurthy

  • Fine-tuning AI models for real-time use cases like robots and self-driving cars will democratize access to AI. 
  • Leveraging direct conversations with customers, researchers, and experts will help you gain new perspectives and challenge assumptions. 
  • Testing is paramount as it will determine how safe, usable, and effective AI will be in the future. 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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