Mike Villalobos

Director of Engineering at Fair.com

Podcast – Episode 60:
Fighting for Fair 

How making all the right chess moves in business can ensure satisfaction and efficiency

Aside from proficiency in his or her field, a tech leader must also know how to treat people fairly to get the best out of them, but also empower them. As Mike Villalobos, Director of Engineering at Fair.com, shared with us in this episode, a leader must be able to see the furthest, but never forget the valuable input of those around him.

A high-performance team is not just about everyone delivering day-in day-out, they also need to feel they belong there, to see themselves doing it in that company for years to come – that’s the magic of leadership.

In this episode, you’ll hear about his baby steps in the tech world, how his go-to attitude helped him grow, and how chess helped him become a better manager, and have a clearer perspective on business 

Key takeaways from this episode: 

  • Transparency and open communication create a good working environment and motivates people  
  • How being proficient in a skill doesn’t automatically make you a leader  
  • Why your team might have a better solution to a problem – trust them and listen to them  

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