Marios Tsatsos

Co-Founder and CTO at Honest AI

Podcast – Episode 62:
Making real estate great again 

The intersection of machine learning and real estate – Bringing data science to land investment decisions

It’s always interesting to hear and meet people who have traveled from one field and arrived at a very different one. Well, here is another great example of this. Marios Tsatsos, CTO of Honest AI, once was a scientist in the Quantum mechanics arena and had a doctorate in the field. He now transfers his algoristic and scientific mindset to a new field solving real business challenges.

The key to success in both management and business is to always be on your toes – don’t fall prey to patterns of behaviorbut always have the goal in mind. Like a flag in a way, change your direction, but never your position, as that’s what creates stability and a firm ground to build and grow for both you and your teams.

That’s right, Marios has gone from Quantum mechanics scientist to data scientist. Bringing the schools of thought and mindset from one to the other. And from we have seen and heard, the results are a resounding success.  

The 30% reduction in time to a decision for an Invesment decision is an impressive one. That’s a game changer shift in most arenas.  

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • Bringing the tools of science to business: Quantum scientist that Data scientist 
  • How AI is applied to real estate asset management speeds up decision making with a 30% saving in time 
  • Making commercial real estate investing great again 

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