In this captivating episode of CTO Confessions, host TC Gill sits down with Paul Dorney, CTO at BOSSCAT an inspiring tech leader, to delve into a remarkable journey filled with startup experiences, both challenging and triumphant. Paul’s unwavering passion for problem-solving and servant leadership shines through as he shares invaluable insights on building a collaborative and inspiring work environment. 

Join them as they explore how Paul’s team at BOSSCAT is revolutionizing the home ownership experience, leveraging technology to simplify maintenance and renovation tasks. Discover how they empower homeowners and contractors alike to save time and enhance productivity. 


Everyone has impostor syndrome. Don’t be afraid to look silly. Ask the question, solve the problem in front of you, and pay it forward within the tech community.

Paul Dorney

  • Foster Open Communication: Cultivate a culture of open communication and idea sharing among team members. Stay connected to the team, encourage asking questions, and seek input from diverse perspectives to fuel innovation and creativity. 
  • Cultivate Servant Leadership – Be a leader who values and supports the team’s growth and excitement. Find intriguing projects and problems for them to tackle, fostering a collaborative and engaged environment. 
  • Build Strong Foundations – Tackle growing pains in companies by implementing robust systems and thorough documentation. Maintain meeting discipline in Agile practices, focusing on concise and effective sessions for increased efficiency and communication.

TLDR: Straight to the point

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