Shane Emmons 

CTO at TeamSnap

Podcast – Episode 29:
The Art of People-Centric Leadership 

Building trust and autonomy in teams from the word go

It’s great when you meet a leader who takes an elegant approach to making life easier. i.e., using a leadership style to bleed ownership into the organization. One such tech leader achieving this with his personal, well-defined philosophy on work and life is Shane Emmons. As the CTO of TeamSnap, not only does he talk about this philosophy, he has also positioned it out there for all to see on his LinkedIn profile. Then, as a man of integrity, he brings it to life in his daily work and leadership. Take a look at Shane’s tech leadership page to see the philosophy and personal leadership commitment.

We also get to hear about TeamSnap, an organization leading in the tech arena. The application they’ve developed is used by teams of varying sizes–everything from schools and weekend sports organizations to national teams.

The more and more of what I think and talk to my teams about today, is seeing everything we’re doing as a business decision. Sometimes that means we need to really dig in and figure out how this thing we are doing, or going to do, is a business decision.

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • The power of providing trust from the word go in your organization 
  • The perspective that all tech decisions are business decisions 
  • The importance of enjoying work and making sure your people are as well 
  • Sharing of a new perspective on diversity and success 

Not only does Shane coach and mentor business leaders in the industry, he also teaches at the University of Michigan. Listen in on this episode for awesome advice grounded in a wealth of experience. 

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