Christian Rudolph 

Director of DevOps at TUI Travel Group

Podcast – Episode 68:
Simplifying Holidays and Leisure One Project at a Time

The tech behind making holidays more accessible and more funworld

A techie who started out as a system administrator, and slowly worked his way up the ladder, ending up as the Director of DevOps at TUI Travel Group, the world’s number one holiday business group – Christian Rudolph. We sat down with him in an episode, and he just let us pick his brain as we tried to see what’s really ‘techy’ that’s going on behind the scenes in a big corporation like TUI, as well as learn about his experience as a tech leader.

Always challenge the status quo inside your teams, otherwise you risk not just efficiency and productivity inside the teams, but also stagnation on a company level.

From his humble beginnings, all the way to leading teams in a big company, Christian has wisdom that we’re sure many of you would like to hear – from his advice on how to put together high performing teams, all the way to how he manages them, there’s not much else to say than: this is an episode you must hear. 

Key takeaways from this podcast are: 

  • How leading teams can actually help you maintain your passion 
  • Why maintaining team spirit is more important than ensuring efficiency
  • How trust shapes the teams and ensures longevity efficiency 

TLDR: Straight to the point
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