Ian Gordon

Head of Data Architecture & Engineering at Highways England

Podcast – Episode 67:
All roads lead to data

The journey of a young techie and his efforts to modernize vital public infrastructure that connect us all – roadsworld

Most tech leaders can be found plying their trade in the private sector, but there are those with big dreams and the willingness to make the world a better place by rolling up their sleeves, and getting down in the mud. Ian Gordon, Head of Data Architecture at Highways England is just that. This starry-eyed young techie with big dreams and goals understood what it means to provide value for customers and users, and just set about doing that by working with a network bigger than the internet – the road network.

Big projects are all about knowing how to take advantage of different domains, but also getting them to work more effectively together – in there lies the true magic of technology.

We talked with Ian about his journey through tech world, how he envisages roads in the 21st century, and how to find pockets of imperfection in which one can make a telling contribution. His curiosity, modesty, and willingness to tackle problems that most people shy away from is something that every aspiring tech leader should learn from. 

Key takeaways from the podcast:

  • How large amounts of data can actually hinder progress if they lack quality
  • Why looking at the bigger picture is a “quick fix” when looking for areas in which you need to improve
  • How do the public and private sector differ in terms of functionality and keeping up with the times 

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