Clayton Nash

Strategy Director at CityFibre

Podcast – Episode 50:
Wiring up a nation for success 

Serving the needs of a service-based nation

His majesty The Internet – we all rely on it. Many of us use it in our everyday lives without even realizing it. Some even joke it’s in the base layer of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. . You will be surprised to know that the fifth biggest economy globally (the UK) is lagging behind other modern nations concerning internet coverage and bandwidth to people’s homes and businesses. Well, the Strategy Director at CityFibre joins us on a discussion about how he and his team are working hard, smart, and fast to upgrade the nation’s digital infrastructure. It cannot be stressed enough how important a resilient and fast internet is for a service-based nation like the UK.

The internet way of doing things is something the world will have to get used to – because it affects every aspect of our lives, from how we talk and eat, all the way to how we conduct business. That’s why widespread availability and proper access are a must, and will be the pillar on which digital communities and businesses will grow and develop.

The key points in this episode are: 

  • The reason why the UK is so far behind other developed nations 
  • What CityFibre is doing to create a better, more resilient, and faster internet 
  • The leadership and culture that is creating a high-performing and adapting organization to deliver quality results 

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