Hazel Olivier

CTO at Nimbla 

Podcast – Episode 26:
The Intersection of Culture and Security

Leading a tech solution in the financial insurance industry

In this podcast, we talk to Hazel Olivier, the CTO of Nimbla, a company serving medium-sized organizations’ financial well-being (Insuring their invoices). We also look at how Hazel has been spearheading her career in the tech industry and her passion for security and working with remote teams with differing cultural communication styles–an important set of subjects in this global and interconnected world we all operate in.

Hazel has been instrumental in leading Nimbla’s platform’s modernization while strengthening its robustness. Thus, allowing Nimbla to offer a much-needed self-service financial lifeline 24/7.

Beyond Hazel’s role as a leader, we also discuss her passion for security and why baking it in from the beginning is a wise move. She believes that security should be everyone’s responsibility and something they consider in all aspects of their development and work. The takeaway is security is a dangerous subject to leave until the end of a development process.

“… people are saying the training that’s happening with developers nowadays is they are really good at writing the code … But have very limited knowledge on what needs to be secure and how to do security.”

Hazel’s other passion is communication– in particular, awareness around cultural nuances. The podcast’s discussion shines a light on a challenge that many companies face in the ever-globalizing shifts. People of different cultural backgrounds meet each other in complex work, and awareness around the nuances can increase communication clarity.   

Key takeaways from the podcast are:

• Security! Security! Security! Stop making it an afterthought — bake it in from the beginning.
• Awareness around some of the holes you could be creating in your security walls.
• Leading in tech as a woman.
• The cultural nuances when it comes to the UK, South Africa, and India. 

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