Adam Leach

CIO at Nominet 

Podcast – Episode 65:
The Unnoticeable Yet Important Bits of the Virtual World

Connecting businesses with the world, one domain at a time

When we think of tech leaders, we usually think of people who knew where they wanted to be in the future, always with a clear picture of the destination, or position, that they were going after. And sometimes it’s like that, but it’s far from a straight line to the top – just ask Adam Leach, Chief Information Officer at Nominet. A techie who let the current drive him around the industry, but who knew how to take advantage of that and get to where he is now – a tech leader.

As a leader, understanding problems is much more important than solving them. Doing it yourself is all fine, but guiding teams to solve them is what leadership is all about. 

In this episode, we talked with him about his seemingly simple journey through the world of tech, his efforts in making the virtual space more accessible to users, and his effective hands-off approach when leading his teams!

Key takeaways from the podcast:

  • How to lead teams efficiently to allow for maximum focus on the important stuff
  • Why it’s important to think creatively and remain ahead of the curve
  • How awareness of problems in general makes it easier to look at them from various perspectives

TLDR: Straight to the point
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