TC Gill converses with Adam Siegel, co-founder of Recurate, a trailblazing retail tech startup. Siegel discusses his transformative journey from early computer enthusiasm to pioneering sustainable solutions in the retail sector. Listen in as he shares insights on creating a remote-first, mission-driven company culture, the challenges of balancing product development with market demand, and his unique approach to tech leadership in the dynamic startup world.


“Go where the energy is. When you strike on something, you’ll feel it. It’s really a feeling when you talk to people and explain what you do. If they get excited with you, then you’re on the right track.”

Adam Siegel

  • Doer to Strategist Shift: Embrace the shift from task execution to strategic thinking and decision-making, focusing on broader organizational challenges. 
  • Fostering Innovation and Safety: Create a culture where experimentation is encouraged and learning from failures is valued, promoting innovation and adaptability. 
  • Data and Agility Balance: Achieve a balance between data-driven insights and organizational agility, making informed yet swift decisions in line with company goals. 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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