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Are you driven by new technologies, innovation, and staying away from your comfort zones? Then, you will fit in perfectly with our team. Take a look at our јob positions and open the door to achieving excellence through your efforts with IT Labs.

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Come, build with us, add your talent to ours. Together we can create one of a kind projects and experiences. IT Labs is a place where the most feasible best ideas win out, and then proactively brought to life. Browse through the opportunities, apply and start your journey with us.

Senior DevOps

Are you a master in prevention and troubleshooting security risks? Do you have a profound understanding of scripting models and are versatile in working with code scripting? Is using Windows Server and Linux Server...

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Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Is code your passion? Can you see yourself as a proactive team member who can imagine the big picture and still meet the business needs? Then we are in luck! Because you are the person, we are looking for to be our…

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Senior Back-End (.NET) Software Engineer

You love to code, can easily prioritize and analyze work, while being proactive in suggesting improvements of a project? You are also a person who can see the big picture and the business needs? If so, you must be the…

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Don’t worry. We would still love to hear your story, goals, dreams, and aspirations. We welcome and encourage people with new progressive ideas. Great creative minds are more than welcomed at IT Labs. Send us your CV or contact our recruiters. Be your authentic self and tell us how you see yourself in our story.

Technical Lead

Are you a person who can see the important pieces of the big picture? Can you easily lead a team with clear guidance and be aware of the quality of the end product at the same time? Do you know how to balance things, make decisions, and set goals, while approaching challenges with a positive mindset? Then, you must be the Technical Lead we are looking for to strengthen our team in Skopje.


Senior Front-End Software Engineer

You are a person who loves  to code? Do you want to show your capabilities and work with an amazing team on worldwide projects, where you can create, build, and maintain reliable code? If the answer is a resounding YES, then you must be the Senior Front-End Engineer we are looking for to strengthen our capabilities in our Skopje office.


Software Engineer

You can change the world through code, and we would love to do that together! Join us and become part of a team of professionals committed to continuous improvement and delivering the best results. We continue to write the future. We will contact you once a suitable opportunity arises. 


Principal Frontend Solution Architect

As a Principal Frontend Architect, you will set the project architecture, build and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code on multiple projects.


Java Technical Lead, Serbia

Type of employment: Full-time, Remote
Location: Serbia

Can you make a sound decision and keep a positive mindset with the team that you are leading? Are you able to keep the team organized while keeping the focus on the final product at hand? Is Java your second nature? Are you located in Serbia? Then read on, because you might be the next Java Technical Lead at IT Labs.


.NET Technical Lead, Serbia

Type of employment: Full-time, Remote
Location: Serbia

Are you the kind of person who can juggle making decisions, setting goals, and keeping a positive mindset while tackling task challenges? Can you maintain a balance between being a leader of a team and maintaining the quality of the end product at the same time? Are you located in Serbia? You sound just like our next .NET Technical Lead


Senior Full Stack Engineer, Serbia

Type of employment: Full-time, Remote
Location: Serbia

Are you a master of the code? Are you a team player who knows how to meet all the business needs and still stay focused on the big picture? Are you located in Serbia? Read on, because we might be in luck. You sound just like our next Senior Full Stack Software Engineer!


Senior DevOps, Serbia

Type of employment: Full-time, Remote
Location: Serbia

Are you a master in prevention and troubleshooting security risks? Do you have a profound understanding of scripting models and are versatile in working with code scripting? Are you located in Serbia? Then read on because you could be our new senior DevOps.


Senior Front-End Software Engineer, Serbia

Type of employment: Full-time, Remote
Location: Serbia

Do you think that your knowledge in Angular or React framework an excellent one? Do you feel that you have mastered the build & release deployment process? You have experience with Agile/Scrum development methodologies? And you are currently in Serbia? This must be our lucky day, because you seem like our next Senior Front-End Software Engineer.


QA Engineer 

Do things not easily bug you? Yet you have an amazing ability to find what bugs out code? We need you, and you’ll have full freedom to go forth in finding and helping to stomp out bugs in our work! We will contact you once a suitable opportunity arises. 


Customer Success Manager

Are you a person who has what it takes to provide clients with impeccable service while developing strong relationships? Do you see yourself as someone wanting to make a difference and a lasting impact? Can you juggle the competing needs of clients’ tasks, the time frame, and the budget? Are you driven to clarify what the client needs and then present the best offer to suit the customer? Do you tick all the boxes? Then this may be the role for you.


Project Manager 

You can figure out things beforehand and see what can go wrong while having a backup plan if it does? Also, you can maintain a perfect setting for the team to thrive while also taking care of the clientneeds? We cant wait to meet you.  We will contact you once a suitable opportunity arises. 


Business Analyst

You always seek and see improvements while communicating how it can be achieved through insightful business analysis? How about sending us your resume and meet with us.  We will contact you once a suitable opportunity arises. 

Our internship application period has ended. Thank you for your interest.


We always want to connect and meet talented people. If you didnt find your match in our categories, but you see yourself in our story and vision, it will be our pleasure to meet you. Share your resume with us, and lets open the door to a future together.  We will contact you once a suitable opportunity arises. 



The benefits of being part of our team

Cutting edge technologies

We work in different vertical industries, the latest and greatest technologies: .NET, java, react, vue.js, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Our way of working has complete delivery pipelines with multiple high-quality releases per day.

Research & Development

Training and experimentation are encouraged by the leadership - our Tech radar contains a set of technologies, processes, tools, and frameworks that are evaluated and experimented with. All projects that graduate from R&D are presented and evaluated for incorporation into day to day life.


Growth is a significant trait of how we work - learning is in our DNA. The company culture encourages knowledge sharing and the expansion of collective learning. The certifications we engage in (and encourage) are a confirmation of this process.

English classes

Want to level up your English? Here we offer free lessons that will help you to achieve a constant linguistic upgrade.

Knowledge sessions

The planned month of knowledge sessions is another way to share mastery. Anyone can participate in the discussions, presentations, or hands-on labs. They are conceptualized as bi-weekly meetings and implemented per specific tech community.

Leadership trainings

At IT Labs, leaders are shaped through regular learning sessions and the practice of leading through example.


We create the best through our mentorship programs and drive to nurture talent.

Coaching sessions

Our employees are supported by tailored coaching sessions, helping them become the best versions of themselves through growth in their self-leadership skills.

With optional family package

As part of our benefits, we provide high-quality private health insurance coverage for our employees, including the option to extend these Premium services to family members at a low cost.


Your physical wellbeing is a must. That's why we provide free training, exercise, and activities (through the FitKit app).

Plus vacation days

More vacation days for everyone. Yes! You read that right!

Days off for professional upgrade

At IT Labs, we support and cheer for you! Our benefits include professional upgrade days off, so you can progress, grow, and skill up with IT Labs every step of the way.

Additional support during COVID-19

We understand that the COVID-19 era can be challenging. That's why we provide support for our team members during this pandemic. One way we do this is by offering an additional day off if a family member is affected by the virus.

Wellbeing sessions

Wellbeing and awareness matters. That's why we provide 1-on-1 sessions with a certified professional coach.

Adjusted office space (COVID-19 protocols)

Our office spaces are designed to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic by adhering to all the necessary protocols.

Flexible working hours

We know life is complicated, and you have a life. That's why you can tailor your working hours to yours and your family's needs.

3-hour office break

We believe in longer breaks; that's why we invite you to adjust your working day's structure, giving you the space you need to re-energize.

Online shopping discounts

Our exclusive online shopping discount program is at your disposal.

Life events bonuses

We give a special extra for you to celebrate the most important events in your life.

Remote work

Your home can also be your office. It’s up to you!

Team building activities

We create team comradery through activities and championing team spirit.

Cool people

Our culture means you will find great colleagues, with a variety of hobbies and interests. People you just can't help befriending.

Gaming room

Bring your A-game and relax in our gaming room. At IT Labs, the competitive spirit of fun is alive and kicking.

Bringing back to the community

We are changing our society, one good deed at a time, through impactful life-affirming activities throughout the year.

Beer Friday

We believe in celebrating Fridays. Many of us do that by raising a glass of beer together.

Bring your kids to work (fun activities)

There are multiple activities throughout the year that include little IT Lab'ers. Our family's youngest members get welcomed to tailored fun events that encourage them to share their creativity.

Talk about values

with IT Labs CEO – Branislav Gjorcevski

Company values define the culture of an organization, speaking volumes about how it brings about realizing its vision, behaviors it encourages, and the environment it subsequently creates. In a way, values pave the path for current and future employees, addressing the important client question: what kind of company are we going to collaborate with?


Who we are

Unlike other development teams that consist of coders put together for a job, our teams are much more than that. Our teams are a harmonic composition of individuals that as a whole provide tremendous value to the product/client they are dedicated to.

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Come and meet our recruitment team, who will guide you through the process of hiring, and help you get to know what we do and how we do it. Getting in touch today will be your first step towards a career and a world of exciting possibilities.

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