Marc Roberts

CTO at hiyacar

Podcast – Episode 28:
Making Car Hire As Easy As ABC

Driving disruption into the market

For all those who have hired a car, do you think it’s a smooth process? Could it be easier? Well, our tech leader guest from “hiyacar,” Marc Roberts, tells us about how they are smoothing out the wrinkles in this much-needed service. Having been involved in a previous venture that didn’t quite make it to success, Marc shares how the market and driver information systems have evolved enough to make it viable.

With a mission statement with simple and crystal- clear clarity, hiyacar is now on the road to success.

Hiya cars’ mission is to connect drivers to cars when and where they want one.

The industry is full of complexity–a mix of compliance, user interactivity, and not to mention high ticket assets, i.e., the cars. Creating an automated system that serves both the customers needs and those who own the vehicle is essential. What’s great to hear in the podcast is hiyacars strong feedback loops for continuous customercentric learning. And the company’s agility and ability to adapt to compliance and insurance changes. 

Listen to Marc Robert’s wisdom about leading the technological aspect of this venture and how he and his colleagues lead the way to hire cars easy as “ABC…  

Key takeaways from the podcast:
• Running a startup with high ticket assets and keeping them secure
• Getting-out-of-the-way-style leadership
• The power of having a clear mission

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