Rajiv Peter

Director of Digital Technology at Notting Hill Genesis

Podcast – Episode 36:
Layering technology onto the art of creating homes 

Leading the modernization of the housing association industry

With technology permeating and threading through all industries, it’s surprising when you come across an industry that has further growth in the digital space, giving the tech leaders in that arena the opportunity to spearhead an industry evolution. This is exactly what our guest Rajiv Peter, Director of Digital Technology at Notting Hill Genesis, is doing. Under his leadership and tech team, the company creates opportunities for more growth, efficient operations, and insights from the data they collect.

Like the host, Rajiv has Dyslexia, from which he has adapted and created his own mechanisms and leadership style to thrive.

“My leadership style is pretty relaxed. I’d say, I would leave people to do what they need to do. I don’t interfere too much. I would just go in once in a while and dive in quite deep into some subjects.”

The key takeaways from the conversation with Rajiv are:  

  • Using the gift of Dyslexia to lead in a better way (Visual vision) 
  • The power of trusting your teams 
  • Preparing a business to be able to collect the right data for the next evolution so they can sense and adapt aspects of the business’ direction 

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