Philippe Ensarguet

Podcast – Episode 91:
Using Tech to Anticipate Disruptions in Industries

How keeping up with trends can help in achieving successful transformation

The ways technology can be used are many, and most of the solutions help in the here and now, and make our lives simpler, and basically giving us the world in our hand. But can tech be used for prediction? Can we anticipate disruptions in markets? We have Philippe Ensarguet, Group CTO at Orange Business Services, who sat down with us to share his journey so far, what he’s doing right now, and lay out his wisdom on leading teams! 

Be curious, be passionate, and don’t take anything for granted – otherwise you’re risking staying behind in this crazy-fast everchanging world.

Key takeaways from the podcast: 

  • You can’t buy a revolution, but you can buy the evolutionary changes that come with it 
  • How to achieve transparency by neutralizing information 
  • How meshing between teams and specialists in companies can life the company to the next level 

TLDR: Straight to the point
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