Growing to become a tech leader means you’ve had your fair share of attempts to do something, and with that – a fair share of failures that you’ve learned from. But in the end, you’ve grown and have learned how to think like a leader, the importance of your team, and how to keep one eye on the big picture, the great idea. One leader that encapsulates all of this is Mijo Duric, CTO at Creative Car Park, who sat down with me to talk about his journey in the tech world, how he rolls as a leader, and what his experience all these years have taught him. 


In order to be a leader, you need to think like one – stop trying to solve everything yourself and try to engage others and get them into your world, your approach – give them your energy.

Mijo Duric

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • Financial stability is the one thing that can give you the true freedom to trully experiment, learn, and grow as a professional and leader; 
  • Hiring and retention is one of the most important aspects of leadership – surround yourself with good people 
  • Work smart, not hard – drowning in your work can keep you from looking at the big picture and learn about the business and essence you’re working for 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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