Matt Clark

VP Technology & Product Development at Smiths Detection

Podcast – Episode 83:
The Unseen Security Keeping Us Safe

How cybersecurity plays a crucial role in our everyday lives

In this episode, we get a glimpse into the industry that makes our everyday lives easier, safer, and flow seamlessly – cybersecurity.

Curiosity is what drives innovation and that passion within teams, but at certain points, we have to stop and ask ourselves – are we moving in the right direction? That’s what being a leader is all about – knowing how to balance and channel that curiosity in your teams and organizations.

Matt Clark, the VP of Technology & Product Development at Smiths Detection, joined us to share his experience as a tech leader. We covered everything – from his beginnings in the industry, all the way to the challenges he thinks we’ll face in the foreseeable future, all with the purpose of shining a bit of light on an industry that is ever-present, yet invisible.   

His unique leadership style and point of view all revolve around three focal points:  

  • How cybersecurity affects our everyday lives and how they’re different from other digital systems;  
  • Steps crucial for proper product/service development, marketing, and selling;  
  • The consequences of our actions, and how they can shape the future of a company, as well as the market. 

TLDR: Straight to the point
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