Adam Dille

Senior Vice President, Product and Engineering at Quantum Metric

Podcast – Episode 56:
Instilling a culture of continuous learning  

The ins and outs of running a team that practices Continuous Product Design

The pillar of IT Labs and many companies in the industry is learning. Constant development through new data and new tech, which in turn breeds innovation and creativity.

That’s exactly what our guest Adam Dille, Senior VP for Product and Engineering at Quantum Metric is focused on doing, as he helps companies deliver tech that has the potential to solve everyday problems, as well as make our lives easier! His focus on continued product/service development is what drives the company forward, all the while helping ambitious start-ups meet the light of day.

The better your product is – the more the end-user will expect from you. And a true leader will always anticipate these expectations and figure out how to meet them.

In this episode, we sat down with Adam to learn more about his journey, what he does, and how he maintains that learning-first culture in his teams. 

What we learned from Adam:  

  • How asking the right questions will always bring you closer to a solution  
  • Why looking at data from various perspectives helps deliver a more complete product  
  • How closely-knitted teams understand every single piece of the puzzle, even the ones outside their domain 

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