Brian Roche

Podcast – Episode 54:
Driving productivity with positivity at Belfast City Airport  

The story of leading with a deeper purpose that serves the business

In our episode with Brian Roche (Director of IT at Belfast City Airport), you can hear about his amazing journey which began with a job as a system administrator, then moving on to various positions in development and sales teams, before making the jump to executive positions. His goal and passion? To bring some simplicity to a world that is riddled with acronyms and complex structures – the tech world – and bring it closer to the average businessperson.

Translating technology speak into business language that everybody can understand and digest, is the responsibility of the leader. Trust lays at the foundation of any great product, and removing any obstacles will allow your team to amalgamate into a singular, high-performance unit.

One of the things that really hit the spot in our episode with Brian was his staunch support for understanding between all involved parties, and on all levels. Between business and tech, between seniors and juniors – between all teams that can meet when developing a product or a service. If tech leaders remove this language and understanding obstacle for their teams, the potential is right there. 

Key Takeaways from this episode: 

  • How education can help in the fight against cybersecurity threats 
  • Why it’s important to mentor young techies, and teach them about giving chances 
  • How technology can fail a business, and what leaders can do about it 

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