Stepan Suvorov

CTO at Studytube

Podcast – Episode 73:
Simplifying Learning and Growth

Why focusing on the learning process is more important than just the material to be learnedworld

Learning, we were taught, was all about having access to material, to content, to courses and all that – and while that’s true, with the ever-increasing availability of study materials now new questions arise – what about the process of learning? And one of the people looking to answer this question is Stepan Suvorov, CTO at Studytube, a company that offers courses to employees of companies, as well as offering services such as organizing learning activities, so everything one would need to get their game to the next level.

Having a strong company culture is very important to understanding within the company, and creating it is all about presence, contact, and leadership. Without these three, creating a company culture will be very difficult.

Here, TC picks Stepan’s brains on his road to becoming a CTO, his experience as a leader, and the change he has experienced along the way in terms of changing skills, changing titles, and roles. From his humble starts, all the way to what he’s doing right now, Stepan’s story is one that will definitely inspire many techies to the top. 

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • How to pivot from B2C to B2B, without nosediving to disaster by missing opportunities 
  • Why maintaining the resilience of the product helps scalability and maintainability 
  • How micromanagement does more harm than good in management 

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