Usman Bashir

Head of Engineering at Worldpay 

Podcast – Episode 79:
Innovating in the World of Money

How one leader contributes to the development of one of the biggest payment processing companiesworld

Worldpay is a service that many of us have used, sometimes knowingly, sometimes through other vendors, but the truth is, it’s everywhere. But how does one company get to this level? We got Usman Bashir, Head of Engineering at Worldpay, down for a chat with our TC Gill, in which he got down to sharing his amazing journey to becoming a tech leader, as well as all the cool and amazing tech he’s into right now at Worldpay.

Learning is a process that can involve people, books, videos, whatever – but none of what we learn will become our second nature unless we do it, every day.

After honing his skills as an engineer, Usman then had the chance to learn from more experienced heads and hone his leadership skills, which is something he has taken to as a duck to water – everything from then on, as they say, is history. He has developed into a leader that drives teams with passion and support, enabling them to express by delivering high-quality services and products. 

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • Why you should look for people who add to your culture, not the ones who like to align themselves to it 
  • Why teams need to be integrated into the feedback loops and how this helps the whole process of improving a product or a service 
  • How to lead people by letting go of control and still get the best results 

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