Erik Dasque

VP Of Engineering at FormAssembly

Podcast – Episode 61:
Geek to de-geeked and back again 

The story of a compassionate leader and the success that follows him

Erik Dasque joins us for another episode of CTO Confessions, where he shares his intriguing journey of becoming a geek, de-geeking, and geeking up again. He shares his thoughts on the absolute importance of actively designing teams on an ongoing basis. Also, retaining and developing one’s skills in the technical space can hugely serve one’s tech leadership.

You can bulldoze your way to the top, or you can try a gentler approach. Both are fine, but the difference is in what you’ll have as options when you reach the peak. The quickest way to the top is not always the one that will keep you there. Work in a way that suits your qualities.

From how he started his journey, what it means to be a leader in the tech industry, all the way to how feeling inadequate in management position is totally normal, and how to handle and distribute responsibility and pressure. 

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • How to hire for success 
  • The importance of diversity in organizations 
  • The power of being a compassionate leader 

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