David King

CTO at Flywire

Podcast – Episode 74:
Enabling Dreams One Transaction at a Time

Simplifying cash flow to enable people to be more mobile and achieve their goalsworld

There’s tons of payment methods and processors out there, but how many of them actually have their focus on transactions that are a make or break for users? Could be many, but one that really stands out is Flywire. And on the doings of this company, we have its CTO, David King, who sat down with our TC Gill to share the story of Flywire, and of course, his own journey in the world of tech.

Feel free to jump in a role, a technology, or a product, and dive deep. Let it engulf you. That’s the way you can see the real value you can deliver by working on a product or a service. Doing technology for technology’s sake is a dead end for you and your business.

From his beginnings in academia, through his start in IT, all the way to him becoming a tech leader, there’s simply not much that David King hasn’t done. He became a leader with no leader-training, but has grown into the role, learning how to delegate and trust teams, and through it, grow and develop brands. 

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • How transforming from techie to leader is all about getting away from the single contributor mindset 
  • How customer feedback can help you drive products and services forward 
  • Why alignment at the top is more important than alignment at the bottom 

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