Dan Goldin 

VP of Engineering at TripleLift

Podcast – Episode 92:
Reinventing ad placement, one medium at a time 

The tech leadership behind the advertising innovation

At IT Labs, we like to see under the covers of industries outside the one we’re in. In this episode, we have a real eye-opener – a glimpse into an industry we are all faced with (literally) but rarely know the technological shenanigans and magic that goes on in the background. 

Questioning yourself on whether you made the right decision is normal – but don’t forget that decisions made on gut feeling and experience are not always right, but they rarely result in something that’s not in your advantage.

Dan Goldin, the Chief Architect at TripleLift, shares his leadership wisdom and the challenges that TripleLift is helping solve in the world of marketing. Starting out as a math-wizz, he switched to IT, and hasn’t looked back since. He’s moved into leading, and has become an exemplary leader, driving teams that help companies get the most out of their ads! 

Key takeaways from the podcast: 

  • The marketing space is bursting with innovation.  
  • Getting a handle on the imposter syndrome.  
  • The crucial difference between being techy and tech leadership, and how to stay on course when transitioning from the former to the latter.

TLDR: Straight to the point
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