The road of to becoming a change-maker, a tech leader, is – unlike in many other industries – anything but a straight line. But the traits that all tech leaders share are adaptibility and willingness to learn and grow. Enter Tramale Turner, CTO at TaxBit, who sat down with me to discuss his journey, the things he learned, and how he rolls as a leader! 


Put yourself in uncomfortable positions – ask, listen, learn – embrace these opportunities and you’ll be OK”

Tramale Turner

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • Recognizing patterns is the best way to solving problems, as well as finding areas in which you need to improve 
  • Having difficult conversations on how and why something occurred is a good way for everyone to grow together 
  • Adaptive leadership will allow you to get a grasp on things much faster, and also connect with people on a much deeper level 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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