Charles White

CTO and Founder at Fornetix

Podcast – Episode 19:
Leading In The Military To Leading In Tech

A Military Man Turns Tech Leader

IT Labs takes pride in finding and speaking to CTOs with fascinating tech journeys. Well, here’s another interesting one that started in the military and ended up at the helm of an organization’s tech function.

Charles White, CTO at Fornetix, shares his journey and insights into areas that he is passionate about, from leadership to security and novel architectures. It would be safe to say Charles covers much wisdom-filled ground in this podcast.

“When building teams, I always found that the ‘WHY!’ let you gravitate around it. It drives! It helps create inclusiveness in organizations. When the ‘why’ is not explained, it creates barriers.”

One particularly striking aspect of Charles’s voyage is how an injury changed his life path and in what manner he built on it, an inspiring lesson for all of us.

Key takeaways from the Podcast are:

  • Becoming a CTO (the journey from military to CTO).
  • Leadership tips on creating high performing teams and holding the vision for your people.
  • The responsibility of leading and coordinating security and technology, with a share of next-generation advances.
  • What attribute-driven architectures are and how they can be something to consider.

TLDR: Straight to the point
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