Oded Cohen

CTO at Nativo 

Podcast – Episode 24:
The tech leadership behind long marketing cycles

Lessons from a complex, fast-moving marketing industry

Oded Cohen, Chief Technology Officer at Nativo Inc, joins CTO Confessions to share his tech leadership style within an impressive, cutting-edge marketing company – a company that helps organizations sell high ticket items with looooooooong marketing and sales cycles. Nativo uses big data and agile processes to connect the brands to the desired target audience.

“If we made a mistake, but as a result we learn from it, and now we’re better and we’re not going to repeat that mistake, that’s fine. You’re going to move fast and you’re going to make mistakes. There’s no other way around it.”

Some of the key takeaways from the podcast are:  

  • How distributing leadership and decisions makes complex development environments more manageable 
  • How freedom, flexibility, and honest conversations help the best creative ideas emerge 
  • The in and outs of selling advertising to premium brands for long-term brand engagement 

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