An episode which can be described simply as ‘enlightening’, TC Gill engages in a captivating conversation with Andrei Lopatenko, the VP of Engineering at Zillow, as they explore the critical elements of cultivating a culture of innovation and continuous learning in the realm of tech leadership. Andre shares his journey from an individual contributor to a tech leader, emphasizing the importance of mentorship and embracing challenges. Drawing from his experiences at Google, he highlights the significance of transparent communication, fearlessness, and open-mindedness in promoting innovation. Andre discusses how he brings these learnings to Zillow, aligning team missions with the company’s strategy. 


Never stop self-development. It’s not only important for your job function but also for your life, relationships, and fulfillment of your mission.”

Andrei Lopatenko

  • Fearlessness and Openness Culture – Foster a culture that embraces fearlessness and openness, encouraging transparency, open communication, and learning from failures for enhanced innovation and team performance. 
  • Continuous Alignment with Company Mission – Regularly align team missions, visions, and strategies with the overall company mission to focus on high-impact initiatives and drive effective contributions to the organization’s growth. 
  • Embrace Continuous Self-Development – Commit to continuous self-development as a tech leader or CTO to stay updated with industry trends, improve skills, and inspire teams for sustained success. 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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