Cedric Fabianski

Co-Founder and CTO at Bearer.sh

Podcast – Episode 59:
Maintaining balance among teams  

How to measure tech teams and give the appropriate control

Any techie will tell you that APIs revolutionized the way we go about developing software, but with all the regulations bestowed upon the IT world, it’s only the best ones that meet the light of day and make a change in our everyday lives. Meet Cedric Fabianski, Co-founder and CTO at Bearer, a techie with a burning passion for entrepreneurship and leading teams – by striking the right balance.

Being CTO is about losing ownership, losing control. It’s about giving responsibility to your team and saying, you are the best people in the room, you’re the smartest, because this is what I want for my team.

In our episode with Cedric, we listened carefully as he shared his experience in IT – from his beginning in the world of IT, through creating and leading teams, all the way to navigating his way through customer and client feedback. 

Our key takeaways from this podcast: 

  • Why working remotely can help increase transparency and help improve teams 
  • How leaders can find their way through something unknown by asking the right questions  
  • How losing control is part of leadership, and is actually desirable 

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