Swathi Young

CTO at Integrity Management Services

Podcast – Episode 14:
Humanizing AI

The future is not all AI dystopia & terminator (creating technology ethics, transparency, and fairness)

You hear a lot about AI. It’s a bit of a buzz word, right?! Often misused and misreported. One area that is starting to get a lot of debate space is the ethics around this mystifying and still futuristic technology. It’s an important subject that is starting to have an impact on our everyday lives. As we all know, the world we live in is full of data, and it’s creating more and more consistently and relentlessly. With big data comes opportunities to be one step ahead, to help, to enhance human life, and on the dark side, oppress and control. So the subject of ethics around this subject is an important one. One that we should all take heed of. Especially us tech leaders out there.

“I believe that the [AI] future is imminent and we all think about the future in multiple ways… Some of us think about the utopian future. Some of them think about a dystopian future … ”

Swathi Young shares her expertise in this Podcast, her hopes, and her vision for AI. Especially around the ethics and impact it has on us humans now, and in the future. Swathi is an expert in the field of ethics and AI. In fact, at the time of the recording of this Podcast, she was currently working with the US Government creating an ethics framework for this emergent technology.

Key takeaways from the Podcast are:

  • What is Humanizing data?
  • How can we start considering the ethics of AI?
  • What is ‘Sentiment Analysis’?
  • Tips for tech leaders on where to start when considering AI in their products and organizations

TLDR: Straight to the point
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