Gerry Sweeney

Founder & CEO of Hornbill

Podcast – Episode 66:
Making Management Easy – Hornbill Style

Using technology to improve efficiency and deliver success world

What started out as a quest to develop a tool for management, tracking progress, and streamlining work processes, turned into a business which is helping other businesses deliver high quality products and improving workflow! The man behind this business? Gerry Sweeney, the Founder & CEO at Hornbill – a techie with a natural affinity for technology who loves automation and solving problems, and a tech leader with a vast experience in various IT fields.

Focusing on problem solving while working on projects can be a slippery slope, as there is the risk of not tapping into creativity that can help introduce new, revolutionary ideas and concepts. A balance between the two is needed.

In this episode, we talk with Gerry about his journey as a tech leader, how it started, how it’s going, as well as his thoughts on how teams can become more efficient, and why the concept of uniqueness in the tech world is so much more than just providing the next big thing. 

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • How creativity is not always about something new, but an improvement on something existing 
  • Why focusing on providing value for your customers almost always delivers success 
  • How to learn from past mistakes by revisiting them every now and then 

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