Merlijn Bruijnes

CTO at Marvia

Podcast – Episode 52:
Big brand marketing on a small scale 

A techie’s journey to techie leadership

Marketing comes in many forms, everything from the big brand advertisements for the masses, to smaller campaigns tailored for locals and their communities. Well, Marvia has created a platform that does just that. i.e., activating local marketing potential for big brands (e.g., Domino’s Pizza). The company’s CTO, Merlijn Bruijnes, joins us to give us the lowdown on the business and share his journey to becoming a tech leader, lessons he has learned, and sage advice for other tech leaders.

It’s important for people to work on their own terms and their own time. That way, every idea regarding every aspect of your business and the livelihood of your employees will always find the light of day and not fade into obscurity.

Key takeaways from the podcast are:  

  • The challenging transition from software developer to Tech leader (letting go of one’s baby) 
  • Helping large brands conduct marketing with a local flavor. 
  • Creating a learning organization (a win for the business and a win for the people) 

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