In this episode of “CTO Confessions,” host TC Gill welcomes Casper Rasmussen, CEO, CTO, and co-founder of Monta, a company building software for electric vehicle charging. Casper shares his journey from gaming to programming, his passion for road biking, and the evolution of his leadership style. The conversation dives into Monta’s growth, the challenges of onboarding customers, and balancing current problems with future planning. Don’t miss out on Casper’s insights into transitioning from a technical to a business leader and the importance of mentorship and asking questions! 


Don’t be that scared about being able to think about something no one else thought about, because there’s probably others who did as well. Just get into it, start talking to people, start building something.”

Casper H. Rasmussen

  • Emphasize Onboarding and Understand the Purpose: Properly onboard team members and ensure alignment with the company’s mission. Understanding and communicating the core mission will align individual efforts with broader goals, fostering development and customer-centricity. 
  • Iterate and Don’t Fear Failure: Don’t wait for the “perfect” idea to start. Choose a market you believe in and begin iterating. Initial ideas may evolve, and that’s normal. Embrace failures as learning opportunities and continuously adapt for success. 
  • Balance and Charisma in Leadership: Cultivate charismatic leadership while recognizing the importance of work-life balance. The ability to “switch off” from work emphasizes the need for balance in leadership, contributing to sustained success and personal well-being. 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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