Michele Sollecito 

Senior Director Head of Engineering at Revolut

Podcast – Episode 27:
Being a Transformation Warrior 

Bringing integrity to the forefront of tech leadership

Tech leaders lead organizations to create products and often lead transformations. i.e., transform people, processes, and of course, tech. In this podcast, Michele Sollecito shares his thoughts on his role and how he works to make sure projects come in on scope and on time through the wonderful women and men engineers doing the work.
The discussion with Michele shines a light on what makes great leadership–in particular, his commitment to operating with integrity and his progressive views on diversity.

“… to me, your office is an asset you’re giving to your employees. If your employees feel like it’s a prison, you’re going seriously wrong somewhere.”

Among the many things that come up in the podcast is Michele’s view on offices–especially in light of the remote working imposed upon us by COVID-19. His perspective of the workplace being a gift and asset for the workforce is enlightening. Company work environments are a place to converge to have highquality meetingfor productive interactions and collaboration. 

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • Why integrity matters. i.e., Doing the right thing even when no one is looking. 
  • How software development isn’t just about delivering fast, but rather represents the art of creating something that can be maintained and extended in its complexity without ending up in a technical debt dead end. 
  • Avoiding continuous isolation by leading and facilitating environments that create interrelationships within a team, between teams, and the wider organization.

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