Taylor Lilley

CTO at Global Payroll Gateway

Podcast – Episode 10:
CTO’s voice from the Banking as a Service Industry

(Setting up high performing resilient remote teams and architectures)

Tech leaders today are multi-faceted. There is the obvious requirement to understand technology, at least from a high level, but also a need to be business-minded and understanding what creates the best high-performing teams in one’s leadership scope. In this episode, Taylor Lilley joins us to give us an insight into his lessons over varied his journey. Taylor is the CTO at White Label MFG with a straight-talking style that gets the nub of where the challenges are and what the options are. Rewinding his timeline on experience, you get to see a colorful journey, one that started in the United States Marine Corps.

“…make sure that your [soldiers] in the trenches know the battle plan.”

Key takeaways from the Podcast are:

  • Try not to treat your highly intelligent engineers as task doers
    (get the best out of your high IQ people)
  • Communications is the key to making remote teams deliver the outcomes you want
  • High-level tips on creating high volume resilient architectures
  • The importance of having a business head as well as a tech one

TLDR: Straight to the point
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