Tom Meehan 


Podcast – Episode 28:
Keeping Companies Secure in the Era of COVID

Feeling secure in a modern world

Security has always been a part of human needs beyond those sitting at the lower echelons of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Through our inventiveness, we create new domains of attack and subsequent security needs. In these modern times, the digital world has many doors and windows, and that’s the topic we touch on in this episode.

Tom Meehan of CONTROLTEK USA joins us to share his thoughts on this subject and his leadership style. Tom is an author and speaker in various technical spaces, so we are honored to have him on CTO Confessions.

Tom is an incredibly talented tech leader with a vast pool of experience and knowledge. You will hear through the podcast how Tom drives his continuous learning forward in a very active and purposeful way—it’s not only very inspiring, it also helps us see where we may be investing more in procrastination that productivity.

Also, the innovations of the company, CONTROLTEK USA, are presented here. This is a company continuously working to solve new challenges and creating time-and money-saving solutions.

“– it gets me going. And the bigger, the challenge, the more exciting it is.”

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • Embrace the likelihood of failure and get moving, welcome experimentation, and adapt. Some failure has to be part of your journey. 
  • Tom’s suggestion around investing in your self-growth as a leader (less Netflix and more reading) 
  • The sophisticated art of keeping companies secure: 
  • Especially in these COVID times where people inadvertently keep opening up security windows and doors 
  • The ongoing battle to get on the winning edge of security without thinking you’ve worked it out 
  • Awareness that the technology you are using to stay one step ahead of the attackers is the same technology they have. 

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