Chris Clarke

CTO for Hire at Scale Up CTO

Podcast – Episode 82:
Lessons from a Successful Scale-up

What are the makings of a successful business, through the lens of culture, talent, tech, and product

In this episode, we talk to Chris Clarke about his journey as the CTO and founder of EdTech company Talis. Having successfully scaled and sold the business, Chris now operates under the umbrella The Scale Up CTO – using his experience, success and mistakes to advise other businesses and startups on their scale up journey. Chris’s journey is one that’s rooted in the essence of technical leadership, and the turn from an individual contributor to becoming a catalyst for others.

One of the pillars of success is trust, and building it is not easy, but the crucial thing to remember is that as a leader, you have to show the value you like your teams to have. Instill trust by demonstrating it.

Key takeaways from the podcast are:  

  • How to build trust and respect by demonstrating it 
  • Why it’s important to own the process of hiring, and the role of genuine employee experience in doing so 
  • Delivery success based on the perfect tension between Engineering, Product and User Experience – and how to integrate this successfully with Agile 

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