Matt Bull

Chief Technology Officer at Elanco

Podcast – Episode 95:
Proper Animal Care Through Tech Innovation

How technology and proper leadership help people take better care for animals, and with that, the world

We usually see techies turn into tech leaders by first earning their badges, and then moving on to create something of their own, but not many separate from the mothership as a company and take that giant leap into leading. But for Matt Bull, CTO at Elanco, did it and not only did he succeeded, he managed to grow the company, and all of that in the space of two years! From having a clear vision on what needs to be done, all the way to ensuring teams are aligned, Matt’s story with Elanco is one we’re sure will captivate you.

“You can only be at your very best when being a part of a diverse community, otherwise you’re just going to get stuck in a routine which has no place in the world of technology.

From his first steps, all the way to where he is now, Matt Bull is a techie with a story that is just as exciting, as it is inspiring.

Key takeaways from the podcast: 

  • How to set your business for success while digitally transforming
  • Why divesting/acquisition can be a blessing in disguise in terms of technology and organization
  • How start-up culture helps businesses grow and deliver by energizing everyone in a company

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