Swathi Young

CTO at Integrity Management Services

Swathi is proud of the fact that she has held every possible position in the technology world. From Software developer, Technology Analyst, Engineer, Product Manager, Director of Engineering, and, more recently, CTO.

At the heart of every role for Swathi is joining the dots’ between the business problem and technology solution. She has helped numerous companies launch new technology products, mentored startups to find product-market fit, and scaled products for the enterprise. And one of the things that become evident in conversations with her is she is a huge proponent of the ‘Lean Startup Methodology.’

Having worked across various industries, including supply chain, Hi-Tech, transportation, finance, and geographies – Belgium, India, and the United States, she has served as a fuel to implement innovative solutions.

“[There is a] convergence of multiple technologies, […] unprecedented in the history of humans.”

As a technologist and life long learner, Swathi entered the world of AI/ML (machine learning), helping organizations with their AI strategy to make sense of their data to drive innovative solutions.

She believes that the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and humanities is essential to focus on as we lay the foundation of AI applications for future generations. Her work currently gravitates around researching the ethical implications of partial data in AI alongside working with the US state department, creating a framework for ethics in AI. 

She is a proud Women in AI crusader, STEM for girls supporter, I aim to bring diversity to the technology table. Building a thriving community of over 2000 members – “DC emerging technologies” with the sole purpose of educating and having conversations around how emerging technologies like Blockchain and AI, can be used by organizations to increase productivity growth.

Swathi is also the Co-author of AI Playbook for federal agencies – https://ai-working-group.github.io/ai-playbook/

Currently leading the Ethical Applications of AI framework for US federal agencies (a collaborative effort between government, industry, and academia)

Swathi’s specialties include:

  • Ethics/Bias in AI
  • Humanizing Big data
  • AI solutions, DataScience
  • Machine Learning
  • Product Management
  • Digital Strategy Web and Mobile Applications (iOS and Android)
  • Agile and Continuous Delivery(DevOps)
  • Public/Private/Hybrid Clouds
  • Product Development
  • Digital transformation


Podcast: Humanizing AI with Swathi Young

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