Wayne Strydom

CIO & CTO at The Virtulab

Podcast – Episode 57:
The power of strategies and visionary thinking 

How being in the right frame of mind can guide you and your team through any obstacle or challenge

A mechanical engineer turned tech-wizz, Wayne Strydom is not your typical techie with roots set in coding or other IT discipline. He says it’s all about having the bigger picture in mind and understand systems and how they interact and function, and considering the success he’s had as the CTO & CIO at Virtulab – we trust him.

Building teams based just on skill and talent is a recipe for failure! Surround yourself and your employees with characters, especially the kind that can stick it out when the going gets tough!

We sat down for a long, data-rich conversation with him, where dived deep into every aspect of his journey as a tech leader – from assembling and developing teams, all the way to his wishes which include a time machine and the possibility to see all press releases regarding tech development from the future. In short? An episode for the ages. 

Key takeaways from this episode: 

  • Why building teams is much more than just matching needs to skills 
  • How to lead teams by only asking the right questions 
  • How a story is the foundation on which a product is sold 

TLDR: Straight to the point
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