John Williams

CTO at Amplience

Podcast – Episode 51:
Black Friday every day, and the system just keeps rolling 

Leadership and other tips from an experienced CTO

In this episode, John Williams, the CTO at Amplience, shares his super hot tips from his years of service. We get to talk about the problem in the market that Amplience is solving and creating robust systems that reliably get the job at hand done.
The industry that Amplience sits in is the marketing space. It’s created a system that provides personalized content for the myriad of devices and screen sizes people use, with a touch of personalization to make a brand really pop out for the target audience.

Fight the urge to focus on problems, and focus on values instead. That’s the way to instil consistency and confidence in every team member, and ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

The key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • Thoughts on creating an architecture that deals with extreme surges in real-time content creation. With the capability of handling high loads and baked in resilience to deal with parts of the system falling over 
  • When creating workplace cultures, see everyone as equals with equal voices to speak up. i.e., freedom of speech in the workplace.
  • With the many voices chiming in, create an environment where the best ideas win. 
  • Design systems with the vision of the future in mind. With resilience and expected levels of demand. 

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