Paul Clarke

CTO at Ocado Group

Podcast – Episode 31:
Thoughts from a non-linear tech leader 

Merging fields of technology to harness the power of the blend

In this episode, we have a tech leader who was the CTO of Ocado, a company that is a huge operational and business success in the UK. As part of his leadership and the work he does on various boards for the UK Government, Paul Clarke is a huge advocate for Digital twins.

Digital twins are a powerful tool to model and simulate the real world. It enables us to run simulations repeatedly while changing variables for various scenarios that are of interest. As the evolution of this tool progresses, these twins become even more sophisticated.

On the passing of time in the tech arena: 
“Some things never change. How you go about building great software platforms and the tools may have changed and evolved over the years. But the principles of collaboration, software engineeringtesting, and design have stayed remarkably the same…” 

Paul’s aims and other members of the Digital fan club is to integrate them to run even larger and more advanced model runs, to garnish insights from the outcomes. The aim is to make insightful, educated decisions for governmental agencies and businesses, with data to back them. We cover this enlightening subject in the podcast, amongst many other interesting topics. 

Some takeaways from the conversation with Paul:

  • The power and potential of 4 converging technological advances 
    • Artificial Intelligence 
    • Machine Learning 
    • Digital twins 
    • And the Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • How Ocado Ltd isactuallya technology company, withfood delivery service being just the thin veneer of what it did and spun off.  
  • The huge potential of governments use of their oceans of data and Digital Twins.…not to mention the impact of policy change and infrastructure projects)

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