Arend-Jan Nijhuis 

Data & Machine Learning Expert at The HEINEKEN Company

Podcast – Episode 70:
For the love of data

Leading innovation and learning in the data spaceworld

There are mountain ranges of it! There are oceans of it! Not only do we climb the mountains, but we also swim in it as well. Yes! We are talking about data. And yes, it’s an understatement to say there is a bit of it about. To help us tech leaders get clarity on this bonkers situation, we have Arend-Jan Nijhuis, a data expert who joins us on CTO Confessions, to share his experience and some tips about how to harness its potential. Also, some sharing of cases where the use of data went curly at the edges and created a huge undesirable impact.

Data is all about perspectives – each one leads to its own unique conclusion, but the one thing to remember is that as leaders, we should always keep the business perspective in mind.

Key takeaways from the podcast with Arend are: 

  • How companies and governments are using big data and the pitfalls and benefits of using it
  • The gravitation towards harmonized systems so data can be shared in standardized forms
  • Some tips on outsourcing (Arends experience)
  • The importance of multidisciplinary teams so that innovation can emerge from the exportation of data
  • The role of an analytical translator to help understand and use the data

TLDR: Straight to the point
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