Alain Briancon

CTO at Cerebri AI

Podcast – Episode 21:
Philosophy of enlightened leadership in the tech space

Startup number 5 and leading stronger

Technology leaders sit in an incredibly important organizational seat in this day and age. Their role is to deliver technology and give businesses the capability to compete, innovate, and stay relevant. Our guest Alain Briancon, CTO at Cerebri AI, speaks to this subject on this podcast, in particular, how leadership plays a huge role in how people think and go about their tasks.

“Learn to think about the way you think.”

The key takeaways from the podcast are:

  • The fundamental role of tech leaders and why it’s not just about delivering technology.
  • The part that documentation can play in supporting the work you do, and some inspiration around avoiding documentation debt. As we know, any debt, be it technical or other, always comes back to bite us on the backside if we don’t address it.
  • Thinking about your thinking when solving problems.

There are many more takeaways embedded in the podcast. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did hosting it.

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