Jeff Olin

Vice President of Technology at HomeSphere

Podcast – Episode 12:
Tech-ing up the construction industry


Do you think the building industry is tech-savvy? It’s a good question. To some degree, it’s yes and no. Through this Podcast, we shine a light on the current state of affairs. It seems that the industry is on the cusp of a step-change. Its finally making attempts to bring technology and infrastructures that have advanced so many other sectors into its arena. Bringing technology, new tools, and the use of big data to strengthen its ability to create thriving, innovative, and efficient businesses.

Well, Jeff Olin, Vice President of Technology at HomeSphere, is a person with many years of experience from software programming, to project/product management, to leading technology groups. He joins us in this Podcast to share his thoughts on leading tech within his current role, in an industry that’s finding its feet in the modern digital world. Jeff is clearly passionate about doing his part to help the construction industry catch up. Find out about what HomeSphere do, and the tips that Jeff has to offer on creating highly flexible architectures for customer-centric products, at two ends of the building industry (builders and their building suppliers)

“The construction industry has not improved in efficiency in the same way as most other businesses over the last 50 years. So there’s lots of room for technology improvements to make the construction industry more efficient.”

Key takeaways from the Podcast are:

  • How the construction industry is picking up the technology pace, and how it can improve its bottom line
  • Creating an architecture that makes it easy to maintain and deliver customer-centric outcomes
  • Leading as a CTO with Agile in mindset

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