Turan Rustamli

CTO at OneDome

Podcast – Episode 84:
Tech Taking the Pain Out of Moving Home

How technology helps in solving and answering crucial questions

As the world is leaning heavily on the digital sphere to deliver solutions and lighten to load on all aspects of life, there is an ever-increasing need for platforms that will help make important life decisions smoother and easier. Meet One Dome, a company developed to help make the process of choosing and buying your next home a lot, lot easier. We sat down for a talk with Turan Rustamli, One Dome’s CTO, who shared the how’s and why’s behind this project.

Sharing knowledge and experience only matters and has value when shared with context and at the right time – Succeed in doing this, and you have the marks of a leader.

Turan talked a lot about the rationale behind this project, its motivation, and how his leadership style helped style the company and its success. 

Key takeaways from the podcast: 

  • It’s immensely important to be an active member of every group you’re part of 
  • Seek out opportunities to learn, but also teach 
  • A holistic approach to an idea will always develop it into something valuable 

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