In this captivating episode, TC Gill engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Nick Peddy, the Chief Technology Officer at CLEAR, exploring the dynamic realm of technology leadership and the intriguing biometric security industry. With a wealth of experience and wisdom, Nick delves into the essence of servant leadership, stressing the significance of trust, open communication, and cultivating team growth. Amidst the challenges of company growth and compliance, Nick shares valuable advice on optimizing the hiring process, encouraging tech leaders to embrace challenging roles for personal growth. This episode is a true gem, empowering tech leaders to view software engineering as an art and inspiring teams to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. 


If something is interesting to you, and maybe a little bit scary, take it and figure it out later.”

Nick Peddy

  • Embrace Challenges & Growth Opportunities – Tech leaders should fearlessly take on challenging roles to foster personal and professional growth, driving innovation and discovering new solutions. 
  • Foster Trust & Open Communication – Cultivate a culture of trust and open communication within the team to encourage collaboration, idea-sharing, and support. 
  • Prioritize Face-to-Face Connections – Recognize the value of in-person interactions, even in remote work environments, as they enhance creativity, team dynamics, and meaningful connections. 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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