When growing teams and helping people develop is something that comes naturally to you, you know that your leadership skills are on point – so what’s left when you have that mastered? You help businesses grow by helping them utilize the latest, most cutting edge technology out there. Wearing a perfume means one thing – you feel good about yourself and you radiate that self-confidence. So in today’s digital era – how can we find those smells that will help us show our swagger and style? Well, a rocket-scientist-turned-tech-leader, Andrei Rebrov, CTO & Co-founder of Scentbird, seems to have found the answer to this question, with the work that he’s been doing for his company doing just that. In this episode, I sat down with Andrei, as he shared his experience and know-how from the world of tech!


Having good, skilled people around you will help you take your game to the next level – but a mentor will help you learn those things in the way it fits you. Find a great mentor, and you’ll grow much more!

Andrei Rebrov

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • Find a great mentor if you’d like to grow properly and learn much more in a shorter period 
  • The importance of having the right tools to execute strategies and ideas 
  • Why proper communication is important among different departments in order to ensure seamless flow of business and information 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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