How many times have you heard someone in tech say that they hate tech or computers, yet they’re all into it and are using their skills and know-how for the betterment of mankind through their work by helping develop services and technology that are good? Us neither, but here’s Eddie Flaisler, Head of Products Engineering at Lob, whose journey, experience, and motives are not fitting of your standard tech leader and tech maverick, but it’s a story that you’ll definitely want to hear – a story that is just as exciting, motivating, and inspiring as you’d imagine. A full-on exchange between me and Eddie, right on that click button.


The moment you feel you’ve “solved” or mastered leadership is the moment you need to stop and take a long hard look at yourself and start asking difficult questions

– Eddie Flaisler 

Key takeaways from the podcast: 

  • Effective leadership is about balancing business needs and the human ideals that drive a company; 
  • Making people decisions in a vacuum is a risky business; 
  • Resource planning is more about taking into consideration the effects it can have on people, rather than just the business itself;  

TLDR: Straight to the point

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