We all know the joke – Excel spreadsheets are the thing that holds whole industries together and holding them from collapsing – and the truth is that a lot of data is stored in them. But sifting through all that data can be an arduous task, and the need for a solution that would do it faster and more efficiently is there. Fortunately, there’s a company named Coherent, who does a lot of this work, helping businesses extract valuable inputs from these vast seas of data, and I have Coherent’s Senior Technology Director, Nick Leimer, here to talk about it. From his journey in the world of tech, his leadership style, all the way to his views on how to improve teams – we talked in depth about all of these topics and much more!


Surrounding yourself with diversity in characters will open new perspectives in multiple areas, and help you both in development and sales.

-Nick Leimer –

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • Why diversity in character and perspectives is more important than finding like-minded people 
  • How changing roles and workplaces is important for growth and knowing what suits you 
  • Failing is the gateway to learning, and allowing people to fail can be invaluable for growth 

TLDR: Straight to the point

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